Is Taylor Swift a feminist?

Is Hillary Clinton a feminist?

Is Bill Clinton a feminist?

Is Carrie Bradshaw a feminist?

Is Beyonce a feminist?

Is Doris Lessing a feminist?

Is Dr. Phil a feminist?

Is Obama a feminist?

Is God a feminist?

Is Siri a feminist?

Is Sarah Palin a feminist?

Is Tina Fey a feminist?

Was Helen Gurley Brown a feminist?

Is Blair Waldorf a feminist?

Is James Joyce a feminist?

Is Margaret Atwood a feminist?

Is Margaret Thatcher a feminist?

Is Lady Gaga a feminist?

Is Quentin Tarantino a feminist?

Is Kathryn Bigelow a feminist pioneer?

Is Marge Simpson a feminist?

Is Oprah a feminist?

Is Plato a feminist?

Ryan Gosling, feminist?

Junot Diaz, feminist?

Ke$ha… a feminist?

Princess Leia, feminist icon?

Is Beyonce a feminist icon?

Is Nicki Minaj a feminist icon?

Is Dolly Parton a feminist icon?

Is Wonder Woman a feminist icon?

Was Cathy a feminist heroine?

Is Lisbeth Salander a feminist heroine?

Is Bella Swan a feminist heroine?

Is Heidi [Montag] a feminist hero?

Is Jenny Sanford a feminist hero?

Was Mrs. Claus an early feminist icon?

Margaret Thatcher: a feminist icon?

Is Mildred Pierce a feminist?

Michelle Bachmann, evangelical feminist?

Is Katie Holmes a feminist now?

Is Lupe Fiasco a feminist?

Beyonce: feminist or fauxminist?

Is Barbie a feminist icon, or would it be better for women if she was wiped off the face of the earth?

Is Hillary Clinton even a feminist?

Was Marilyn Monroe a feminist?

Was George Eliot a feminist?

Is Joss Whedon a feminist?

Is Joss Whedon really a feminist?

Was Ayn Rand a feminist despite herself?

Is YouTube star a revolutionized feminist?

Michelle Bachmann is not a feminist… for now

Is Taylor Swift a feminist’s nightmare?

-Sarah Nicole Prickett, “Is Taylor Swift a Feminist? A Poem in Links

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    i just don’t understand how you can be a woman and not a feminist.
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    The first Taylor Swift article just really upsets me, if she or any other woman doesn’t want to identify as feminist or...
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    Really interesting! I’ve only read a few so far.
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